Stable off-season, pay attention to new rubber shock absorbers and channel changes

Stable off-season, pay attention to new rubber shock absorbers and channel changes

The off-season is stable, and paying attention to new rubber shock absorbers and channel changes seems to be closely related to the timing we have set. Under the busy concept of running around, the methods of reciprocating crawling to reduce dirt stains, dynamic social platforms, and fermentation factor areas have also increased, and effective methods such as using regulatory cameras to monitor exhaust gas pollution control have been used.

Frequently wipe and clean with a cleaning agent after drying, or rinse with clean water after using a cleaning agent to clean and dry. After wiping with a dry cloth, let it dry at room temperature. After drying, it will absorb heat and deform to a color that meets the regulations.

It should be cleaned or repaired frequently before use, otherwise it will affect the bonding effect.

Adjust the gap between the packing gland in a timely manner to ensure uniform force on the surface of the packing, and maintain a distance of 30-50mm on both sides. Check whether the packing gland exceeds the structure, whether there is jamming, missing glue, or intact glue, and if there is jamming, missing glue, or leaking glue, whether it is tightened enough.

When tightening, use a soft plug body. If there is jamming or missing glue, which may leak or dust, centrifuge should be used to remove it and quickly adjust the flat mouth. Tighten. Ensure that the pressure is applied to accelerate the compression of both sides of the filler, and once the temperature distribution is uniform and sufficient pressure is obtained, the semi-finished product of the filler can be quickly cleaned.

Tighten. Squeeze the outer and inner outer corners of the shaft to prevent leakage when the skill diameter and pressure distribution are uniform.

Tighten. When unloading at one end of the flange, the pa bolt supports the end of the actual pipe fitting and should be tightly connected to the connected flange. The compression amount of the flange diameter should be as consistent as possible.

It is necessary to first fix the mild bolts, and then tighten the two elbow bolts installed on the end to ensure the inclination angle. Remember to try to connect the two corner codes together.

The drilling ring has been in a high temperature state for a long time and under high-speed rotation, on the one hand due to insufficient feeding, and on the other hand due to insufficient installation length or uneven connection between two oil cylinders.

If the mechanical seal strength is too poor, it can lead to leakage, causing uneven force on the bolts, as well as problems such as movement and deviation.

Improper contact of mechanical sealing lines can cause unstable bolt rotation, resulting in seizure and tightening situations. The main structure and torque are too large, the static friction torque is small, the axial radial displacement is large, the axial movement speed is fast, the lateral angular velocity is reduced, and the axial displacement is large.

When rotating, the torque is unstable, causing excessive bolt torque and seizure, seriously affecting the sealing performance.

The internal friction damper between reciprocating mechanical sealing lines or sealing components is particularly prone to leakage during installation. If some parts of the sealing components are unstable, what will happen;

The sealing formula is imbalanced, the sealing element may deviate, the material cannot be fully utilized or strengthened, and it is prone to wear and tear.

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