Shear Mount



Shear mount, also known as sandwich mount, is composed of two metal parts with elastomeric compounds in between.


It’s mainly applied to construction machinery like road rollers, excavator hammers, compactors, etc.

Depending on the direction and degree of compression, load ranges can reach tens of thousands of pounds.


Shear Mount helps to provide cost-effective noise control and protection for many types of equipment.

It ensures the machinery can deliver torque quite well, even under the worst conditions.

It can stop the delivery of vibration effectively simultaneously, to provide a comfortable operation environment for the operators.

Besides, the maintenance costs of the shear mount are pretty low.


RNTICO always uses premium quality rubber vulcanized steel plates to produce all the shear mount products.

It has features of high compressive load and low shear stiffness, simple product structure, and easy to install.

Also, we can use it in pairs in an angled arrangement, loaded in combined compression and shear to optimize vibration isolation performance.


In the meantime, RNTICO can produce the shear mount with different performances by adjusting the rubber compound formula and using Chemlok adhesive to bond rubber material to the mounting metal plate.


What’s more, the product quality meets the OE product quality level.

The specific OE number of the above shear mount is as below:

Caterpillar: 0772092, 0772792, 0772093, 1058844,

Dynapc: 336742, 450122, 801187, 4700336742, 4700450122, 4700801187
160225, 772092, 5291377, 5900696, 59572339, 59600205, 59639955, 5969688, C20406AA

BOMAG: 855140307, 06129901, 06129902

Ingersoll-Rand: 59600205, 59572339, 59639955, 5900696,

Bitelli: 160055, 160093, 160100, 160212, 160244, 160225, 160047, 160067

Ammann: 1-491884

KENT: K12861

STANLEY: 30167

TEMPO: 00126300

Vibromax: 04014-22019, 02622-21686, 04010-22019, 04020-13023, 02622-06060

For now, RNTICO® can provide the above-mentioned stocked products for selection.
Please kindly contact us if you have demands on other items, and we will customize products according to your requests.

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