Rubber Hose

Rubber Hose

RNTICO can customize various performance of rubber pipes according to your requirements.


Rubber hoses, also known as rubber tubes, are important components of the vehicle.
Generally, it’s made of natural rubber materials or other kinds of rubber materials, like synthetic rubber materials.
Some kinds of rubber hoses have a fabric reinforcement layer inside.

We can use it to produce products in a variety of inner diameters and wall thicknesses, to meet the needs of various applications.

For your reference, we can use it in the air condition system, cooling system, power steering system, and other places of the vehicle.
Also, part of the fuel system and brake system uses rubber hoses.

Honestly, rubber hose is ideal for your commercial and industrial needs.

According to the usage, we will divide automotive rubber hoses into low-pressure hoses, high-pressure resistant hoses, and oil-resistant hoses.

For example, we mainly use low-pressure hoses in the cooling system.
And we use high-pressure resistant hoses in the brake hydraulic system and other pressurized working environments.

Also, most users will use oil-resistant hoses in the fuel supply system.

RNTICO’s currently available hoses mainly include Air intake rubber hoses, Cooling pipes, Oil-resistant hoses, Turbo tubes, and Medium cooler hoses.
The materials we use include but are not limited to ECO, AEM, NBR+PVC, EPDM, NR, SBR, CR, VMQ, etc.

Anyway, if you have demands about the rubber hose, please kindly contact us.

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