Center Bearing



The center bearing is the connection between the transmission shafts in the automotive power system.
The transmission shaft is an essential component of power transmission in the automotive transmission system.

The function of the transmission shaft is to transmit engine power to wheels together with the gearbox and drive axle, to make the vehicle generate driving force.

When the transmission distance is long, two transmission shafts will be used.

As for the vehicles with a longer wheelbase will use three sections of transmission shaft.

The first two sections are the intermediate transmission shafts.
These are respectively supported on the frame by the hanger assembly (also called the center bearing or center support bearing), and the latter section is the main transmission shaft.

It’s crucial to consistent overall performance and avoids damage to other vehicle components.
Although the center bearing is a relatively small component in a vehicle.

When assembling the transmission shaft, it can ensure that the universal joint yokes at both ends of the transmission shaft are structurally in the same plane, to ensure constant speed transmission.

The RNTICO® center bearing provides optimal alignment within plus (+) or minus (-) 10 degrees, which improves performance and durability.

The premium quality rubber material reduces noise and vibration.
The innovative design maintains the proper driveline angle to maximize the driveshaft and component life.

Specific OE number of above center bearing as below:

3814100222, 3814100010, 3814101222, 3814101522, 3854100010, 3855860041, 3894100122, 3894100222, 6544100022, 3854100222, 3854100922, 9734100022, 3854100122, 3854100110, 3854101722, 3855860141, 3854101622, 9014110312, 9014110412, 3104100922, 3104100822, 3094100110, 3095860141, 3104100622

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