Railway Vehicle shock absorb part


The chevron spring is composed of three metal plates and rubber compounds.

These three plates are bonded to each other by vulcanized rubber compounds in a “V” chevron shape with equal spacing.


Chevron spring is a multi-purpose shock-absorbing component.

It can obtain different spring stiffness in longitudinal, horizontal, and vertical directions.


However, we can change the number of layers or dimensions of the metal plates of the chevron spring to obtain different stiffness.

Or, we can adjust the performance of the rubber material of the chevron spring to obtain different stiffness.

At the same time, we can change the installation angles of the chevron spring to obtain different rigidity as well.


Chevron spring functions as a damper for the primary suspension, it has the characteristics of a lightweight, simple structure, and long service life.

Therefore, we install it between the axle box and the bogie of rail vehicles.


Furthermore, many kinds of rail vehicles use chevron springs, like light rail trains and intercity trains.


For your reference, RNTICO® can design different types of chevron springs with different dimensions, installation angles, and mechanical performances.


What’s more, we have another shock-absorbing component for rail vehicles, the rubber pad for draft gear.

Usually, we install it into draft gear.

To make it play a role in connecting vehicles and vehicles, locomotives, or bullet trains, transmit traction and braking force, and ease the longitudinal impact.


The rubber pad for draft gear with the brand RNTICO® has the characteristics of high load, high physical performance, low-temperature resistance, and creep resistance.

Presently, we have supplied it to the draft gear manufacturers in large quantities.

For now, RNTICO® can provide the above-mentioned stocked products for selection.
Please kindly contact us if you have demands on other items. And we will customize products according to your requests.

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