Car Mats

Car Mats

RNTICO will provide you with car mats for various car models. Welcome to inquire.


Car mats are necessary components of the vehicle.
Generally, they are made of synthetic rubber materials or other elastomer materials.

They are the best way to protect the vehicle from road dust and other debris.
Also, they can protect the vehicle’s interior from dirt and daily wear will help maintain and improve the vehicle’s appearance.

In the meantime, car mat also can help protect the driver’s and passenger’s shoes by absorbing moisture and dirt.
Besides, car mats can provide added comfort and design.

Currently, RNTICO can provide over 1,000 models of car mat for different types of vehicles.
Which includes passenger cars, commercial trucks, vans, buses, golf carts, scooters, excavators, etc.

Product categories include latex car mat with anti-skid nib, easy-clean latex car mat, high elasticity easy-clean roll, dual-core car mat surrounded by protector car mat, anti-skid nail mats, etc.

All the RNTICO car mat are both water-resistant and anti-slip.
All the car mats are environmental in high quality with fashionable designs and beautiful patterns.

RNTICO has enjoyed a high reputation for premium quality, sufficiently professional, and reliable after-service.

For now, RNTICO® can provide the above-mentioned stocked products for selection.
Please kindly contact us if you have demands on other items, and we will customize products according to your requests.

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