Cylindrical Mount



Cylindrical mount, also known as bobbin mount, is manufactured from zinc-plated steel or stainless steel and surrounded by a rubber compound.


As everyone knows, vibration causes premature wear and tear, loosens fastening hardware, and generally disrupts smooth equipment operation.

Therefore, to prevent the above situation from happening, it’s quite necessary to install cylindrical mounts at appropriate locations.


Most users use a cylindrical mount as a shock or vibration isolator sandwiched between two machine parts or surfaces.

It’s ideal for a wide range of applications that require advanced noise, vibration, and shock control solutions.


For example, automobiles, construction machinery and equipment, agricultural, military industry, etc.

And it’s a great low-cost way to provide isolation for many applications.


RNTICO® always uses premium quality rubber compounds and high physical performance metal plates to produce cylindrical mounts.

It provides many benefits, including excellent vibration control, low maintenance, high load-carrying capacity, and energy control.

We use a molding process, which provides a good surface finish and wastes relatively little materials, to manufacture them.


Besides, considering individual demands for actual applications, we customize the cylindrical mounts with different insert thread sizes. RNTICO cylindrical mount can withstand either compression or shear force.

And we can provide any combination of male, female, blank at both sides to you according to your specific demands.

You can select the diameter, length, thread size, and load characteristics to provide the right amounts for vibration protection.

For now, RNTICO® can provide the above-mentioned stocked products for selection.
Please kindly contact us if you have demands on other items, and we will customize products according to your requests.

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