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We believe you want someone who can produce your design, and provide a safe and smooth production process, cost-effective manufacturing, and in-time delivery.
In fact, we are the specialists who can control the whole process for you.

  • Make a production schedule and make a deal for a reasonable delivery date.
  • Making tooling
  • Production process controlled
  • Quality and risk-controlled
  • Products random inspection.

From the initial design solution concept right through to full product manufacture, RNTICO® can meet customer needs. Professional rubber compounding, strict production standards, and a dedicated test machine ensure customers can get the most satisfied products.


  • Prototyping allows us to have the ability to explore design alternatives, test theories and confirm performance before starting production of a new product.
  • We will send the sample to you for confirmation, and we will cover the freight charge.


         We will consider the factors as follows.

  • The temperature to be encountered.
  • Where the parts will be exposed to, such as fluids, gas, or other extreme environment.
  • The mating material and the effect of rubber on them.
  • Take flexing, sealing, pressure, and other physical properties into consideration.
  • Make sure you are using the right material or provide a better offer.


  •  Considering your requirement for the application and the expected function, ensure the design you offer can achieve the aim.
  •  Make any suggestion which will improve the parts’ performances.
  • Provide solutions for simplifying the design or removing the underlying cost.
  • Consider the potential problem that will cause production issues and let you know the underlying risk.


In the past, we used to be an “alternative supplier” for many European or American rubber-bonded metal parts manufacturers because of the low cost.

During this 20-year development period, we used modern management to strengthen ourselves.

Nowadays, as a major supplier of rubber and rubber-bonded metal components to a diverse range of industrial sector applications, RNTICO® has acquired a wealth of expertise in tailoring products to meet unique requirements.

We can provide a full range of support services!

Let’s start on your rubber product today.